I have been under your treatment since last 15 days and am writing this to share my experience with you. About a week or so after started your treatment I found that hair fall had reduced. I thought it could be psychological. But after 2 weeks of application, I am happily informing you that I have developed a kind of faith in your treatment because I feel that now my hair have got a new life and are healthier as never before. Hair fall too has reduced to about 40%.

The most important reason to believe in your treatment is that I have tried other products also viz Arnica Hair Oil (recommended by a doctor in Lucknow) and Anoop Hair Oil (a Godrej product) for two to three months respectively, but the results were almost nil. But your treatment gave positive results in no time.
Ashwani Sharma, Lucknow, India

My wife was very worried about falling hair and dandruff for last 3.5 years, which we thought was due to change of water as we sail on ships for long spells. I also had dandruff.

We tried cosmetic producs of different brand but there was no improvement at all. Then Homeopathic hair oil and shampoo were used which gave some relief to hair fall but dandruff stayed as it is.

Then a friend of ours introduced us to Ginston Hair tonic; within 4 days dandruff was almost gone and after 7 days we had to search each other's head to locate if we ever had dandruff. Hair fall had also reduced. It was surprising that this tonic was completely non-greasy and still hair became very shiny, soft, smooth and fluffy.

We are now using this product regularly and hair has completely stopped falling. We are happy we found such a nice and genuine product.
Captain MK Mittal, Meerut, India

I was very depressed due to my hair fall and dandruff. I have used so many shampoos, Pantene, Organiccs, All Clear Clinic etc. Then I tried Arnica Plus. I contnued it for 5 months but these did not solve my problem of hair fall. I used your Ginston D. I have been continuously using for 3 months and my hair stops falling and dandruff also removed upto 80%. This hair tonic removed split-ends. Now my hair looks shining and heavy. I am very thankful for solving my problem of hair fall.
Sheetal, Panchkula, India

I am 22 years old. I am a student. I was worried very much of falling hair from last 4 years.; because of this I could not concentrate in my studies. My friends used to comments. I used Keo Karpin vitalizer, some shampoos and some dandruff tablets, but all in vain. Then Luckily I read an Ad on hair fall and tried their treatment. Just in one month results show my hair stop falling and looks healthy and shiny. Now I can say with pride I have healthy hair.
Arun Verma, Panchkula, India

Your herbal hair tonic was sampled by me and in a short period I have found its application effective. With a week's use I found following changes in my hair:
   1. From dull matt the hair started gainig gloss and sheen lustre
   2. Hair became soft and maneagable and bouncy
   3. Being oil free it non-greasy and non-sticky. Unlike other hair products,              is simple to use
AA Khan, Marine Engineer, Faizabad, India

I am deeply grateful to you for introducing me to your system of treating hair fall. After having used almost all tonics/medication available, I used your tonic and found a definite answer. Within a short time of application of your wonderful product I was able to arrest hair fall and enhance my grooming looks with soft and silky hair ......
Ashwaini Kumar, Chennai

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