Hair Care to prevent falling, alopecia, baldness and greying with homeopathic and ayurvedic plants and treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is the best to avoid hair thinning and other connected problems


Hair care to prevent FALLING, BALDNESS, ALOPECIA, GREYING and prevent hair loss.

Hair care Prevents baldness, Alopecia, Dandruff and Falling and Thinning.
Use natural plants (Ayurveda)

What is hair?    Hair is an appendage to the skin. It is a thin growth in the skin and scalp. Its natural purpose is to preserve body heat and provide protection. To prevent falling hair and hair thinning use natural hair loss remedy products as hair loss treatment indicated on other pages.

Its Composition    is very complex and varies with race, hair color etc. Its major constituent is Keratin and also has amino acids, sulphur etc. Hair root is the part under the skin and comprises follicle, bulb and papilla. Hair shaft is the part visible above the skin. The hair has 3 layers being, center outwards, Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle. Hair hygiene prevents hair from falling out, hair thinning and promotes hair regrowth.

Its Growth Rate    averages half to an inch a month. As long as the papilla is healthy hair growth will be promoted. Hair pulled out from its root will regrow. Cyclically, hair die and regrow in a cycle. If supply of blood to the papilla is sufficient then hair regrowth is faster and lesser hair loss..

Health Control     condition is determined by texture, porosity and elasticity. Coarse or fine texture is genetic inheritence. Porosity is ability to absorb moisture. Hair not porous enough will become dry. Nutrition affects porosity. Elasticity gives it springiness and lustre. Dandruff indicates bad hair care . To maintain hair regrowth and prevent Alopecia and avoid bald head, hygienic haircare and nutrition is important.

Hair health depends on scalp health and genetics. Important factors are diet, nutrition and hair care and grooming; however you don't have control on genetics. Diet, nutrition and scalp health can be controlled to prevent dandruff and stop hair from falling out; a good diet will promote hair regrowth. Use proven hair care products as hair loss remedy. Our recomended Haircare preparation is excellent as hair loss remedy.

There are hair care products in almost all systems of medicine - homeopathic remedy, Ayurvedic remedy, Chinese Remedy and Allopathic. Each has its own beneficial effects. Which method you want to adopt is for you choose and decide.

However, a cheap DIY method for Haircare is the Ayurvedic . We highly recommend this treatment as a haircare remedy. This has been personally tried and found very effective. A lot od other persons too have tried the preparation and have expressed their findings. You can see and read Users' Opinions of those who have used this


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