It goes without saying that for good hair care you should eat a nutritious diet (Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid are important), gently massage your scalp and keep your scalp and hair clean. Some of the natural plant extracts that are useful in hair thinning treatment and help to lessen hair loss tremendously are

  1. ALOE BARBADENSIS/ALOE VERA, commonly known as Kumari in India. It contains Alantoin and amino acids; it is bactericidal and fungicidal. It dissolves dead cells in the scalp It is useful in skin diseases and thus very beneficial for the scalp. It rebuilds healthy tissue in hair and scalp.

  2. DATURA METTEL/STRAMONIUM, commonly known as Dhatura in India. Rich in Allantoin. It is useful to treat Dandruff and Lice.

  3. EVOLVUS ALSINOID, commonly known as Shankhpushpi in India. It is aphrodisiac and intellect promoting; it is useful in loss of memory, grey hair and hair growth besides many other uses.

  4. GLYCYRRHIA GLABRA, commonly known as Mallathi in India. It is aphrodisiac and trichogenous. extract of its roots is very good for hair fall and grey hair.

  5. NARDOSTACHYS GRANDIFLORA, commonly known as Jattamansi in India. It is emollient, antiseptic and trichogenous. Useful in cases of hypertension, grey hair and hair fall.

  6. PHYLLUS EBELLICCA, commonly known as Aamla in India. It is trichogenous. It is very useful in skin diseases in scalp and grey hair

  7. VALERIANA JATTAMASNI, commonly known as Tagar in India. It is trichogenous and aphrodisiac. It is very useful to fight skin diseases and hair fall

  8. VITEX TRIFOLIA/NIGUNDO, commonly known as Sambhalu in India. It is trichogenous. It is very useful in memory loss and hair fall.

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