Hair care is very essential to prevent hair fall (hair loss). Seborrhea is a skin condition that results from sebaceous glands (oil glands). An oily condition of the scalp, nose and forehead are indications of this problem.

Dandruff is found in two forms:-

  1. Seborrhea Oleosa is oily form
  2. Seborrhea Sicca is dry form, this is also commonly known as Dandruff. Dandruff is evidenced by small white scales on the scalp and hair. It is caused by several things. One is excessive shedding of the epithelial cells that accummulate on the scalp. In the natural process of new skin replacing the old, some shedding has to take place. The natural process unnecessarily alarms people who mistake it for dandruff. Another cause could be sluggish condition of the scalp caused by poor circulation, improper diet and uncleanliness. Strong shampoos and insufficient rinsing are believed to take their toll. Many dermatologists also diagnose dandruff simply as dry scalp which many people have.

    Dandruff is our most visible and best known form of scalp and hair disorder. Millinos and miilins are spent advertising dandruff shampoos and and scalp treatment tonics. These show very limited results with a high potential for side-effects.

Classification of Dandruff
  1. Dry Danduff signs are itchy scalp and masses of small white scales attached to the scalp or loose in the hair
  2. Greasy Dandruff This is scaliness of the scalp mixed with sebum rendering it to be sticky. Should the greasy scales be torn off, bleeding may develop. This is a serious condition.
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